Our Services

IT Consulting

We have substantial amount of support experience in IT solution and vendor selection, business analysis, project planning, PMO, planning of AWS implementation and migration, and infrastructure architecture design. We can also provide support for DX promotion and new business/service launches from the planning stage as a close to the business side.

System Integration

With a wide range of IT professionals at our two bases in Tokyo, Japan and the Cebu, Philippines, we can cover all phases (planning, study, design, development, testing, release, maintenance operation, and enhancement) and technical area (infrastructure and application layer) in a broad range, enabling us to provide one stop support.

Geco's Strengths

AWS Consulting Partner
Supported by members holding AWS certifications

We are an AWS consulting partner certified which guarantees that we are "professional company for designing, building, and operating system architecture on AWS". All employees involved in our projects hold certifications, even with just over 20 web engineers employed, there are more than 40 certificates that have been acquired.

Our tech support is provided in accordance with AWS Well-Architected guidelines for the following topics.

Web application

Container technology

Server building automation

Cost optimization





High Availability

Vulnerability Assessment


External system integration

Our Style

Consistent support from business study to post-release enhancement and growth

We go deep into the client's business to fully understand the issues and requirements facing the service/product and then use technology to solve them.

Building solid relationships with client companies

In our projects, we place importance on being a "team with a sense of unity." Therefore, our relationship with client companies is not just like a client and a System integrator. We want to promote our project as a team that communicates closely and brings each own expertise to the project.

Consideration of Technical Debt

We are actively engaged in improvement activities such as documentation, refactoring, and automation, which enables us to run a stable project even during service growth and long-term operations.