About Geco


Providing top-level IT project opportunities
to talented overseas members.
Contribute to solving the shortage of
IT resources in Japan

Gecogeco was founded with the mission of "Providing top-level IT project opportunities to talented overseas members and contributing to solving the shortage of IT resources in Japan."

We believe that utilizing talented manpower resources overseas will become more relevant in the future as one of the solutions to solve the IT professional shortage in Japan.

However, with the global IT talent market continuing to be the bleakest, it is not easy to attract and keep these talented people involved in the Japanese business.

Our team will utilize our experience of doing business "overseas×Japan", and we are taking on the challenge of overcoming cultural and linguistic barriers and pioneering new areas of technology to create a stable structure in this field.

Vision 2025

Be a group of AWS cloud integration and administration specialists with solid delivery capability.

Cloud integration and administration specialists

AWS as core technology with application layer, both of integration and administration.

Solid delivery capability

Be a group of people who does not only have tech skills but can also realize valuable delivery for clients.

Our goal is to "be a group of AWS cloud integration and administration specialists with solid delivery capability" by 2025.

Since our founding, we have provided services based on our strength in system architecture design, system building, and system operation on AWS. We will continue to invest in this field on an ongoing basis. It will be continued to refine what we have developed area of expertise to become a company that can provide industry-leading services in terms of technology, quality, feasibility, and cost performance.


Continuously learning and Kaizen

We strive to learn new technology and knowledge and improve our skills, mindsets, and environment. Continuously Learning and Kaizen leads us and gecogeco to more sexy and fantastic growth.


gecogeco has introduced a flexible work style that takes into account individual productivity and work comfort. We will keep our commitments to ourselves, other Geco members, and clients and approach our work with integrity, a sense of ownership, and accountability.

Openness and Teamwork

We openly share new ideas, opinions, and information with each other. We listen, understand, and make the most of individual differences to achieve our goals. Openness helps us to have sexy and fantastic teamwork.

Commitment to client

We focus on providing maximum value to our clients. We do not just follow the latest technology or make proposals based on technology or solutions we have; however, we think carefully and seek the best way for our clients based on a thorough understanding of their business background, problems, and situation.


We want to continue to produce results that exceed expectations by staying grounded and steadfast.

Since our founding in 2017, we have consistently worked to provide value to our clients through technology. Fortunately, most of our clients continuously decided to work continuously with us.

In this industry of fast-changing and complex solutions, we are not only experts in these technologies, but also, I believe that it is even more essential to be honest and sincere in dealing with the business challenges we face and client's needs and to keep accumulating results day after day.

Rather than implementing a solution itself, it is crucial to determine whether the solution is the best way to solve the client's business challenges, and what kind of efforts do we need to continue to solve them continuously and stably.

We want to be a partner who can accompany clients with such an attitude and ability to truly meet and exceed expectations and provide nonstop support in realizing the ideal situation. We are willing to be ambitious but stay grounded and work step by step.

CEO Hiroshi Mitarai


Company name Gecogeco Philippines Inc.
Date Established 2018.05.21
CEO Hiroshi Miyashita(Mitarai)
Employees 29(Tokyo office: 3 Cebu office : 26)
Services IT Consulting / System Integration
Office address Tokyo office / gecogeco Co., Ltd.
19F Ebisu Prime Square Tower 1-1-39 Hiroo, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, 1500012 Japan

Cebu Office / Gecogeco Philippines Inc.
6F Pag-Ibig Fund – WT corporate Tower Mindanao Avenue,
Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, Cebu 6000 Philippines
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