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About Geco

Gecogeco Philippines Inc. is a one-team offshore cloud integrator organized in two locations in Tokyo, Japan and Cebu, Philippines.

We provide high-quality IT services to our clients, develop IT professionals who can play on a global stage, and contribute to improving the quality and quantity of Japan's IT industry.

Our Services

IT Consulting

We have substantial amount of support experience in IT solution and vendor selection, business analysis, project planning, PMO, planning of AWS implementation and migration, and infrastructure architecture design. We can also provide support for DX promotion and new business/service launches from the planning stage as a close to the business side.

System Integration

With a wide range of IT professionals at our two bases in Tokyo, Japan and the Cebu, Philippines, we can cover all phases (planning, study, design, development, testing, release, maintenance operation, and enhancement) and technical area (infrastructure and application layer) in a broad range, enabling us to provide one stop support.



The frog in the well knows nothing of the great ocean.

When you go to the world outside of Japan, there are full of opportunities to learn and grow.

Develop technical skills by working with the client to make their product better.
Improve language skills to be able to communicate more smoothly in a team.
Deepen mutual cross-cultural understanding by spending time with members from different cultures and having interests in each other.

Gecogeco is a company where you get inspired naturally and find growth in your work. We are looking for individuals who want to work as global professionals.